Monday, March 13, 2017

Saturday night was the SILVERLINE Formal Ball, which was held at Noah's.  We had a great time with great food, fun, and friends:) 

 The drill girl's dates even participated in a drill down, along with our coach's husband (who we are pretty sure practices at home)

 Thanks to Camille for being such a great head coach and her husband, Colin, for all the support.

 Colin, our coach's husband, took first place in the drill down.  Congratulations Colin, and great work teaching him, Camille.
 Here are the First, Second, and Third place winners of our drill down.

 Colin even has the drill face perfected!!!
 Thanks to our awesome DJ, Mike Glenn, who provided great music.
 Of course, some of the chaperones had to get in on the fun:)

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